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Larry Thompson

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If you had one piece of advice to offer, what would it be?  
When did you know exactly what you wanted to achieve?
What natural born talent(s) did you identify early on that you nurtured and that ultimately contributed to your success?
Who are/were 3 of your greatest support team members?
What was the luckiest moment in your career?
Of the Four Essential and Attainable Elements for fulfillment and success- Talent, Rage (passion), Team, and Luck- in what order would you rank your possession of them?
Talent :    
Rage :
Team :  
Luck :
What (if anything) did you have to sacrifice to achieve your goal?
What would you most like to be remembered for?

What charitable organizations
do you support?

Thank you so much for providing these insights to your success! They can really inspire our readers. Your answers, photo and personal stories will be posted on our website for all visitors and members to see. Please note that the Good Luck Club™ is our subscription based service that helps members develop their Talent, Rage, Team and Luck and build their own Road to Stardom.


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