Welcome to the Good Luck Club™ , America’s first online reality makeover program, and your chance to make your dreams of
personal Stardom come true.


Are you living the life of your DREAMS?

 Have you identified your God given TALENTS?

 Do you have the AMBITION to succeed?

 Are the RIGHT people helping you?

 Do you feel LUCKY?

If you cannot answer YES to all of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

My 35 plus years of experience guiding the careers of over 200 Stars has demonstrated one truth over all others:


The guidance that mentors, professionals, and friends give you is invaluable. It shortens the learning curve and creates possibilities that you probably never even considered. I have created the Good Luck Club™ to do EXACTLY that for YOU! Here is a series of tools that, if used correctly, will propel you into Stardom . . . I guarantee!

Imagine having a place you can visit on a daily basis to:

  • Discover how to use your natural gifts to make money and be fulfilled
  • Replace defeating inner dialogue with empowering mantras
  • Use daily occurrences to motivate your next action steps
  • Invite the luminaries and pros you admire to support your endeavors
  • Set short and long term goals and monitor your progress 24/7
  • Network with like-minded peers
  • Share your thoughts and innovations with a community that can immediately help make a difference in your life
  • Become one of the luckiest people you know
  • Catapult your life into a new stratosphere of success

If you don’t believe me, just look at a few of the people below whose careers my team and I have worked with, and ask yourself . . . “Would I be happy being as successful as them?”

Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, William Shatner, Cher, Mariska Hargitay, Jason Bateman, Shannen Doherty, Jane Seymour, Barry White, Linda Blair, Charlton Heston, Cheryl Ladd, Alan Thicke, Linda Evans, Tatum O’Neal, David Foster, Tori Spelling, Rick James, Robin Givens, Merle Haggard, Steve Guttenberg, John Larroquette, and Iman


It doesn’t matter if you want to be #1 in real estate sales, a better mother, an award-winning writer, top of your graduating class, a record-breaking athlete or the next Entrepreneur of the Year, THE SAME RULES APPLY! You must:

  • Identify your true TALENTS and match them with OPPORTUNITIES
  • Nurture the unrelenting RAGE to succeed
  • Build a TEAM around you of mentors, professionals, role-models, motivators and reality-checkers
  • Learn how to turn chance occurrences into LUCK

I assure you, the effects of my book SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan For Becoming A Star In Anything You Do combined with the online resources of the Good Luck Club™ is ALL YOU NEED TO TURN YOUR


Still don’t believe me? Here’s just what a few people have said . . . maybe you’ll recognize one of them . . .

Larry’s book and workshop reinforced my decision that to start my own business was the right thing! The tools helped me see EXACTLY what I need to do differently to make it work more effectively. Rhonda Bloom

Larry Thompson was my manager once, twice, three times, maybe four, actually five times many years ago. My piece of advice is listen to whatever Larry tells you. I tried it and it always seemed to work . Alan Thicke

I needed help with focusing my decisions. This gave me the tools and insight to organize my future plans. Jennifer Phillips

As a Member of the Good Luck Club™, you will:

  • Use the four keys to unlock your TALENTS and match them with real life OPPORTUNITIES
  • NETWORK with other members and discover OPPORTUNITIES
    to further your goals
  • Use events in your life to MOTIVATE yourself and deepen your RAGE to succeed
  • Build a TEAM to support you in your goal and actually INVITE them to take part in your endeavor. You will be surprised how people will come to you when they see you are taking real action!
  • Include a celebrity as part of your TEAM and receive
    their exclusive messages
  • Learn how to be LUCKY!
  • Replace self-defeating dialogue with INSPIRING AFFIRMATIONS
  • Learn to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life
  • Set goals to become more HEALTHY - physically, mentally and spiritually
  • CLEAN up your bad habits
  • Take the GIANT LEAPS you have always dreamed of
  • Create your own FAN CLUB of friends, family and peers who can root you on and celebrate your success
  • Meet people who will share with you their dreams and who will applaud you for yours
I am so confident that the Good Luck Club™ will change YOUR life, that I will award, each month, a one-hour, personal telephone conversation and strategy session with me to a paid Good Luck Club™ Member who demonstrates the biggest breakthroughs in his or her life.  

That’s right! We’ve developed a system whereby each exercise you complete, points are rewarded to you. Plus each month, Members vote on who they think should win this Good Luck Club™ Award. The more Members you network with and the more evidence of success that you share with our community and me, the better chances you have of being awarded the one-hour, personal telephone conversation and strategy session with me.



For one month, you are invited to use the Good Luck Club™ FREE! As a FREE user, you can utilize all of these online resources to map your personal Road To Stardom and take the next great steps to your desired future.

Please read the Official Good Luck Club™ Contest Rules here.

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At the end of your first free month, your credit card will then be automatically billed $9.95 each month thereafter as long as you remain a member of the Good Luck Club™.  You can cancel your membership at any time by notifying us at admin@projectriseandshine.com or writing us at 9663 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 801, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  In the event you cancel your membership within seven (7) days of first enrollment and we receive your notice within this time period, we will refund you the full amount of your initial payment less a processing fee of $5.00.  If you cancel your membership after seven (7) days, you will not be entitled to any refund of monthly membership fees paid prior to cancellation.

Once you are a paid Member, you will ALSO be a Contestant in the Good Luck Club™ Contest beginning October 1, 2005 and be eligible to win the monthly Good Luck Club™ Award AND receive extra bonuses such as secured access codes to monthly Good Luck Club™ live conference calls AND discounts on events like the Project Rise & Shine™ Hollywood Weekend.

 I look forward to your feedback as we develop the best tools for creating Stars in all fields. I’m sure your experience here will be unique. Don’t hesitate to share with us any suggestions you recommend to better serve you, technical issues that may arise or the incredible breakthroughs you experience on this journey.


 Larry A. Thompson

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