With Larry Thompson and a few SPECIAL friends!
September 26 & 27, 2020
Sheraton Universal Hotel, Universal City , CA


What do Jack Nicholson, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld and Mariah Carey all have in common?
They were just regular people, starting at the bottom, who realized their “ultimate calling” and turned it into Stardom. Jack was a mail sorter, Oprah was a journalist, Jerry a light bulb salesman and Mariah a hat checker.




Do you wish you were a huge success just by making the most of your
natural born TALENTS and loving what you do?

Are you worried that you lack the necessary ambition and RAGE to succeed?

Are you ready to assemble your own dream TEAM that can propel you
to the next level in your career?

Do you wish more opportunities and LUCK came knocking on your door?


Regardless of what level you may be at in your career, if you answer YES to any of the above questions, then this day is for you!


Acclaimed Hollywood producer, talent manager, lawyer, book packager, author, Broadway Producer, and motivational speaker, Larry Thompson has managed the careers of over 200 stars including Drew Barrymore, Cindy Crawford, William Shatner, Joan Rivers, Barry White, Shannen Doherty, Mariska Hargitay, Tori Spelling, Iman and Sony & Cher . Voted "Showman Of The Year" in 1998 by the U.S. Television Fan Association, Thompson has produced 20 movies for television, including the highly acclaimed ABC world premiere movie, “And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story,” 5 motion pictures, 2 television series, 10 television specials, and various series pilots. Thompson received the industry’s prestigious Vision Award and his productions have won 2 Accolade Awards, 2 Imagen Awards, The Epiphany Prize, The Wilbur Award, The Christopher Award, and have received nominations for 10 Emmys, 6 Imagen Awards, 2 Prism Awards, the Humanitas Prize, and a Golden Globe.  

If anyone knows how to match talent with opportunity and lead an
individual to their highest vision, it’s Larry!




“My friend Larry Thompson, a Star-Maker in Hollywood , extends his expertise to the rest of the world. A must-read for anyone who wants to be successful in business and relationships.”
William Shatner

“Engaging, heartfelt, and instructive – Larry’s book will start you on the Road To Success.”
– Jane Seymour

“ Larry Thompson breaks down the Stars' strategies in a way that anyone can stop imagining and start living the life they have dreamed of living." 
– Anthony Robbins

Best-selling Author and The World Leader in Personal and Professional Coaching

“Stars aren’t only found in Hollywood . If you want to be a Star in any walk of life, read Larry’s book and learn from his wise advice how to become fulfilled in your life and how to Shine.”
– Roma Downey

Award-winning actress, Star of “Touched By An Angel”


“Larry’s plan for personal fulfillment and Stardom will make you Shine.”
– John Gray, Ph.D

"Author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”




“In preparation for the seminar I had listed my life accomplishments.  When I sat down to write them, I was sure I would have one or two things to list, but not many more. At the end, I listed many more.  The exercise made me realize that I had done some really worthwhile and “out there” things that I am proud of.  Thanks for motivating me to go through that process and allowing me to appreciate that part of myself.”
- Stephen S., Lawyer & Mediator

 “The best part of the Workshop was the writing exercises – the obituary, acceptance speech and the sharing – it makes even the shy people come out and experience themselves deeper.”
-Zippora K., International Ballerina and Motivational Speaker

 “It reinforced that my decision to start my own business was the right one and it helped me see EXACTLY what I need to do differently to make it work more effectively!”
-Rhonda B., Literary Manager

 “The Acceptance Speech was my favorite part. It made me really feel like I’m a Star!”
-Renita W., Actress




Name a Star in any field and some degree of TALENT, RAGE, TEAM and LUCK contributed to their ultimate achievements. Using powerful questions, action-oriented exercises and personal anecdotes from his 36 years of professional experience, Larry will teach you to:

* Identify Your TALENTS : Stars must unlock their natural born gifts, whether it is a love for working with children, a discerning eye for taking photos, the sensibilities for managing people or the skills for developing a new business . . . and then match them with their opportunities. Look inside and identify the gifts you naturally possess, nurture them and target their potential in the marketplace.

* Summon your RAGE : Stars have an absolute, tunnel vision, maniacal focus on fulfillment and success. Change self-defeating behavior, take bold leaps in your life and create habits that propel you forward. Action is often the hardest step and Larry will motivate you to grasp the importance of taking aggressive daily strides.

* Assemble A TEAM : Every Star has a Team of supporters including Mentors, Professionals, Role Models, Motivators and Reality Checkers. Identify these key people who can really help you and determine the strategies for enrolling them on your new path of success.

* Learn To Be LUCKY : Stars must create the elements of Luck they can control and identify and act quickly on those rare "chance occurrences" they cannot. Embrace your life in a whole new light and project that positive attitude into your future so that real opportunities present themselves more often. Network with other participants and discover potential business partners and players who can help you.


And that’s just SaturDAY!!


Saturday evening is an opportunity to truly CELEBRATE your fulfillment and Stardom!

Having now realized your ultimate calling, and equipped with a definitive map for your Road to Success, you will join Larry and a special CELEBRITY GUEST for a beautifully catered banquet dinner.



It’s one thing to set a course on paper . . . many books and workshops teach that. But one of the most powerful exercises is ACTING AS IF YOU ARE ALREADY A STAR! This is your chance to LOOK, FEEL and SPEAK as your highest vision.


Then after dinner, you’ll be a member of the studio audience for a LIVE TAPING OF LARRY’S NEW CELEBRITY INTERVIEW SERIES, SHINE! Watch as Larry asks one of your favorite Stars probing questions that relate to HOW they achieved their success and the TOOLS that YOU can use to make it happen for yourself. It will be a very entertaining and educational hour and you’ll be there to ask your own questions too!


On Sunday, select from a variety of activities including:

• Universal Studios Hollywood Tour
• Universal City Walk
• Hollywood Walk of Fame
• Mann’s Chinese Theater
• World Famous Kodak Theater
• Bus Tours
• And much more!


Sunday activities are not included in the workshop price and will be offered to you on an as requested basis. Upon confirmation of your attendance, you will receive information on these tours and more!

It is a great opportunity to come to Hollywood with friends or family but Saturday’s schedule is limited only to registered participants who must be over 18 years of age.


Reading SHINE: A Powerful 4-Step Plan For Becoming A Star In Anything You Do is recommended reading prior to attendance. You may purchase the book here or at your local bookstore Read What the Stars are Saying About Shine.

This incredible event is limited to the first 350 guests.

 Register NOW to guarantee your seat!

Register by May 23, 2020 : $299
Register by July 25, 2020 : $349
Full price up to September 26, 2020 : $399
VIP Pass : Front section seating at Workshop, Banquet and Show Taping. Also includes an autographed copy of SHINE to be mailed to you prior to the Weekend: $499






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