Vanna White

Since she made her debut on Wheel of Fortune in 1982, Vanna White has built a phenomenal following worldwide. As she begins the 2003-2004 season, her "Vannafans" continue to grow - with her weekly fan mail continuing to number in the thousands.

Becoming a household name globally was not something Vanna expected while growing up in the small resort town of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After attending the Atlanta School of Fashion Design and becoming one of the area's top models, she moved to Los Angeles with the goal of an acting career. Just two years later, while competing against more than 200 other hopefuls, her intelligence, All-American beauty, grace and exuberant personality won her the coveted spot as Co-Host of America's favorite game show.

But no one, especially Vanna herself, anticipated the kind of audience response she has received virtually from her first appearance. Surveys have shown that her presence has contributed greatly to Wheel of Fortune's phenomenal ratings. And, although she has been called its silent star, Vanna does indeed talk - and quite well. A much sought-after guest for television's talk show couches, Vanna's autobiography, Vanna Speaks, was a nationwide bestseller when published in 1987. She also has been featured on numerous magazine covers.

In 1992, Vanna was recognized in The Guinness Book of World Records as "Television's Most Frequent Clapper." Averaging 720 claps per episode, she puts her hands together more than 28,000 times per season! And, as Wheel of Fortune enters its 22nd season in syndication in Fall 2004, she will have worn over 3,500 different designer outfits at the puzzleboard.

Beyond her work with the series, Vanna's calendar is full: commercial endorsements, acting roles (she starred in the NBC movie, Goddess of Love), a nutritional video, her own line of clothes and shoes, several crochet books, travel to exotic locales, interviews, photo layouts and more. As a result of fans interested in her fashions, Vanna recently launched her official "Vanna Style" Website (, where Vanna's latest high fashion wardrobe is now displayed and showcased for viewers. The site features clothing that Vanna wears on the show from some of the world's most exclusive designers, including Halston, BCBG, Herve Leger, Christian LaCroix, Randolph Duke and Eduardo Lucero.

Through it all, one aspect of Vanna's life remains unchanged: her down-to-earth appreciation of the work done by her off-camera colleagues that keeps the series consistently on top of the ratings charts. "All you see on the television screen are our contestants, Pat and me," she explains. "But, it's the scores of other people that really make Wheel of Fortune spin like it does. Then there's the game. We just have a winning combination."

Vanna resides in Los Angeles with her two young children, Nicholas and Giovanna.


Q & A With Vanna White:

PR & S: What is your favorite motto to live by?

White: Follow your heart! Don’t give up!

PR & S: When did you know exactly what you wanted to achieve?

White: At 10 years old, I knew I wanted to be on TV.

PR & S: Of the Four Essential and Attainable Elements for fulfillment and success – TALENT, RAGE, TEAM and LUCK – in what order would you rank your possession of them?


  • RAGE
  • LUCK
  • TEAM

PR & S: What was the luckiest moment in your career?

White: The day before Thanksgiving in 1982 when I got "Wheel of Fortune"!

PR & S: What would you most like to be remembered for?

White: Being honest, sincere and down to earth.

PR & S: How do you give back to your community and the world?

White: Being involved with charities.

PR & S: How are you a source of inspiration for others?

White: Being on TV each day, I try to give off a good feeling.

PR & S: What charitable organizations do you support?

White: American Cancer Society and the Children’s Hospital

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